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TOSEC: Sega 32x (2012-04-13)

Published April 13, 2012

The Sega 32X was released year-end 1994 as an add-on component for the Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis game console. Designed to expand the lifespan of the aging Genesis console, the 32X sold poorly and was met with tepid market response, and discontinued in October 1995. It initially sold for $159.

Installed in the Mega Drive/Genesis cartridge slot, 32X Game cartridges were then placed into the 32X expansion unit itself. Approximately thirty-five 32X Game cartridges were released. An additional six Mega-CD 32X/Sega CD 32X titles, which took advantage of the Mega Drive/Genesis Sega CD add-on as well, were released.

Development of the 32X add-on was halted in October 1995, almost exactly a year after its release, and developers were encouraged to dedicate their efforts to focus on the new Sega Saturn System. Sega developed a Mega Drive/Genesis console with built-in 32X, but the project was scrapped as the Sega Saturn was ready for release.

Browsing the Collection

There are 239 cartridge images for the Sega 32X, mostly games and demos.

To browse the collection of software, click this link.

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